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Undergraduate Students

Do you have the desire to stretch your intellectual capacity as you learn to communicate in the one universal language? Studying mathematics will develop your critical thinking, computer skills and ability to diagnose and solve problems. 

Mathematics can be found in almost every sector of the world. Our faculty collaborate with NASA, NIOSH, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy; receive National Security Agency grants; report on the state of mathematics in our nation; and merge their research across disciplines with faculty from computer science, engineering and biotechnology. This interdisciplinary approach will prepare graduates for work as research analysts, technical consultants, computer scientists, educators and systems engineers.

Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics are flexible. You can choose to add an area of emphasis in actuarial science. You are encouraged to supplement your major coursework with courses in business, economics, computer science or statistics to increase your versatility for future job opportunities.

The Department of Mathematics offers courses for:

  • An undergraduate major and minor in mathematics.
  • The pre-service elementary and secondary teacher.  Learn more about WVUteach.
  • Students interested in the applications of mathematics to the fields of computer science, statistics, engineering, physical, natural and social sciences, and business and economics.
  • The non-science major, to explain the ideals and objectives of mathematics.

Questions? Email Undergraduate Director David Miller.

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