Department Announcements

Seminar: Aesha Lagha

Seminar Announcement: Aesha Lagha

Prospectus Presentation and Qualifying Exam Defense: Mr. Basim Al Maliki

Title: Stability properties of a system of receptors in the presence of attractive domains

M.S. Thesis Defense: Shuhad Aljandeel

Title: Genetic Algorithms used for Search and Rescue of Vulnerable People in an Urban Setting

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Jianbing Liu

Title: Weighted Modulo Orientations of Graphs

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Mr. Yang Wu

Title: Circuits and Cycles in Graphs and Matroids

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Tyler Knowles

Title: Numerical Analysis and Gravity

Prospectus Presentation and Qualifying Exam Defense: Mr. Gbrel Albkwre

Title: The largest possible linear subspaces contained in the classes of Darboux-like and SZ functions from R to R

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Zhang Zhang

Title: Cycle Double Covers and Integer Flows