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Qualifying Exam: Mr. Mark Suder


Qualifying Exam of Ms. Sulin Song

Qualifying Exam: Ms. Sulin Song

Ph.D Dissertation Defense: Aesha Lagha

Ph.D Dissertation Defense: Aesha Lagha

Learning Assistant Applications being accepted NOW!

The Mathematics Department is currently taking applications for Learning Assistants for the Fall 2020 semester. Learning assistants provide support in mathematics courses by doing things such as: hosting study sessions, answering questions, and grading. Much of this work will be online in the coming semester. If you are interested, please apply at the following link.

Seminar Announcement: Aesha Lagha (Part II)

Ms. Aesha Lagha will continue her seminar talk through Zoom on Thursday, June 25th 2020.  Zoom ID will be sent sometime before the talk.

Seminar: Aesha Lagha

Seminar Announcement: Aesha Lagha

Prospectus Presentation and Qualifying Exam Defense: Mr. Basim Al Maliki

Title: Stability properties of a system of receptors in the presence of attractive domains

M.S. Thesis Defense: Shuhad Aljandeel

Title: Genetic Algorithms used for Search and Rescue of Vulnerable People in an Urban Setting

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Jianbing Liu

Title: Weighted Modulo Orientations of Graphs

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: Mr. Yang Wu

Title: Circuits and Cycles in Graphs and Matroids