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Nicole Engelke Infante

Associate Professor

308E Armstrong Hall


Dr. Nicole Infante earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Arizona State University, was an Assistant Professor at California State University, Fullerton, and is now an Associate Professor of Mathematics at West Virginia University. Her research interests are focused broadly on how we communicate advanced mathematical ideas both formally and informally. Recently, she has been studying how physical gestures can be leveraged as part of this communication to promote understanding and mastery. She is actively involved in the Mathematical Association of America’s Special Interest Group on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (SIGMAA on RUME), currently serving as coordinator and having previously served as treasurer. During the 2018-2019 academic year, she was a Provost’s Academic Leadership Fellow, working to improve outcomes in first year math courses. This was a natural fit with her interest in undergraduate mathematics education and her experience as a Teaching Inquiry-Oriented Mathematics: Establishing Supports (TIMES) Fellow.


PhD, Mathematics, Arizona State University
MS, Mathematics, University of Connecticut
BA, Mathematics and German, University of Nebraska at Omaha

My research interests are in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, specifically related to:
  • Communication of advanced mathematical ideas

  • Gesture Use

  • Calculus
  • Proof

  • Peer supported learning: tutoring, undergraduate learning assistants, supplemental instruction

Courses offered at WVU:
  • Math 128, Trigonometry

  • Math 155, Calculus I, non-engineering

  • Math 155, Calculus I, Emerging Scholars Program
  • Math 156, Calculus II, Emerging Scholars Program

  • Math 251, Calculus III, Emerging Scholars Program

  • Math 261, Differential Equations, Emerging Scholars Program

  • Math 191, First-Year Seminar

  • Math 283, Strategies of Proof
  • Math 375, Applied Modern Algebra

  • Math 490, Learning Assistant/Tutor Pedagogy

  • Math 631, Introduction to RUME 1

  • Math 732, Advanced Topics: RUME 2

  • Math 733, Advanced Topics: RUME 3

  • Math 793, Advanced Topics: Research in Undergraduate Math Education (RUME) 4

Recent Publications:

Engelke Infante, N. (2020) Structuring the Solution Process for Related Rates Problems Using 2 Diagrams. PRIMUS.

Sealey, V., Infante, N., Campbell, M., Bolyard, J. (2020) The Generation and Use of Examples to Promote Authentic Engagement in Calculus Classrooms, Journal of Mathematical Behavior. DOI:

Miller, D., Infante, N. , & Weber, K. (2018) How Mathematicians Assign Points to Student Proofs. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 49, 24-34.

Engelke, N., Murphy, K., Glenn, C. & Sealey, V. (2018) How Concept Images Affect Students’ Interpretations of Newton’s Method, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 49(5), 643-659.

Gallagher, K. & Engelke Infante, N. (2019, Jun 30-Jul 4) Undergraduates’ uses of examples in introductory topology: The structural example. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) Conference, Perth, Australia.

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